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We provide general dentistry services at our office. For specialized or more complex treatments, we will refer you to a specialist so that you may receive the best possible care for your concerns or issues.


Plaque, as explained in the previous section, constantly forms on your teeth.  When you eat or drink foods containing sugars, the bacteria in plaque produce acids that attack tooth enamel.  These acids remain in contact with your teeth and over time they cause the enamel to break down.  Tooth decay, or cavity, is the destruction of your tooth enamel, which is the hard, outer shell of your teeth.  These cavities will have to be removed before they become too large or deep, and the tooth has to be restored with a filling.  At our office we provide composite restorations, which are tooth-colored fillings that are designed to match the color of your teeth.  Composites are a mixture of glass or quartz filler that provide good durability and resistance.  They are "bonded" or adhered in a cavity, and that allows your dentist to make a more conservative repair to your tooth.

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