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We provide general dentistry services at our office. For specialized or more complex treatments, we will refer you to a specialist so that you may receive the best possible care for your concerns or issues.

Crowns and Bridges

A crown is also referred to as a “cap”.  It is an artificial replacement that covers the entire tooth, replacing most of the damaged enamel surface.  Crowns can be made from metal, metal and porcelain fused together, or entirely from porcelain.  Crowns cover a tooth to help restore it to its normal shape and size, make the tooth stronger, and improve its cosmetic appearance.  Crowns are usually recommended for the following conditions:

  • Cracked tooth – if there is extensive cracked enamel, fluids and bacteria can penetrate the tooth and contaminate the nerves.  Also a cracked tooth can continue to fracture, causing pain and possible nerve damage.
  • Large decay – if the decay extends to a large part of the tooth structure, a filling may not provide adequate restoration because there is not enough tooth structure left to support the filling.  A crown would provide better coverage for the tooth in such cases.
  • Defective filling – large fillings can break, crack, or shrink over a period of time.  This can often result in nerve exposure and sensitivity, and eventual nerve damage.  A defective filling must be crowned to help strengthen the tooth and protect it against nerve damage.

Crowns can also be used to attach bridges.  If you have one or two missing teeth, a bridge can be made to replace the missing teeth with artificial teeth and literally “bridge” the gap where teeth used to be.  The teeth adjacent to the space are crowned, and the gap is bridged with a pontic, or "dummy tooth", that is attached to the crowns.  A bridge can help to restore your smile, and help you in chewing and speaking.

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